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What You Need To Know About Invisalign

You may know a lot about traditional braces for realigning your teeth, but have you thought about the benefits of Invisalign? Getting Invisalign in the Baltimore, MD area can be as simple as contacting Dr. John Stamas, a board-certified dentist with decades of experience to help install it for you. Visit Perry Hall Dental and get the facts on why Invisalign might be best for your mouth.

What You Need To Know About Invisalign

Choosing between Invisalign and traditional braces can sometimes be a difficult decision. Invisalign is an awesome experience for anyone who:

  • Wants to take advantage of the ease of care. Just remove the trays from your teeth so that you can get a deeper clean as you brush.

  • Removing food from your teeth is much easier with Invisalign. Because you take Invisalign out of your mouth before eating, interdental cleaning is much more accessible than traditional braces.

  • The trays offer a custom fit and allow your specialist to have total control over the results.

  • One of the biggest boons of Invisalign is that it is affordable. Traditional braces may not be as cost-effective because they take longer to work.

Incredible Accuracy

The manufactures of traditional braces do produce orthodontics with your unique mouth in mind. Since your teeth are scanned and digitally mapped for your trays, Invisalign offers you the most comfortable fit possible.

After Invisalign Is Installed

Straightening your teeth is now more simple and convenient with specially molded trays that you can wear during the day. This technique does not require the constant supervision of a dentist, nor does it call attention to the teeth while you eat and talk.

Simple, affordable, discreet teeth straightening with Invisalign in Baltimore, MD, is a phone call away. Call Dr. Stamas at Perry Hall Dental at (410) 256-5550 to schedule a consult. We hope to see you soon!

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